We send out the rugs which will be cleaned by a specialized

How long does it take to clean my rug?

7-10 working days.

How much it costs?

We have a price list for different size and material. It is $1.5 per sf and up, depending on the size and material, and minimum charge is $35.

Can you make my rug white again? Can you restore its original colors?

Usually, yes. For most materials and types of rugs, we are able to restore a rug to its original colors. This can be a very labor and time intensive process involving color matching and reweaving, or it can be a simple matter of removing dirt.

Will the rug dye bleed?

Some dyes will bleed under certain conditions. We test every rug we clean to ensure that we do not use any cleaning methods that would damage the rugs or cause the dyes to bleed.

Are the cleaning solutions pet safe?

Yes. We only use environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products.

Can you kill fleas in my rugs?

Yes, we can eliminate fleas from your rugs. However, it is important that you also eliminate fleas at the source (your pets?) or you will find them back in your rug eventually.